Physician Leadership

The medical field is changing with implementation of affordable care. How are you updating your leadership and organization to navigate the emerging challenges and opportunities?

Innovative Leadership Workbook for Physician LeadersWe believe one key to effective leadership is to listen to people who have successfully done the work and also those teaching and helping successful leaders develop. Our Voice America series, Innovative Leaders Driving Thriving Organizations is designed to present genuine conversations with successful physician leaders and academics talking about physician leadership. This resource is intended to offer unique, high value conversations and research.

  • The Innovative Leadership Workbook for Physician Leaders

    The Innovative Leadership Workbook for Physician Leaders won the 2015 International Book Award for best business reference book. It provides a practical approach for successful and developing physician leaders to enhance leadership skills required to build thriving medical practices . It is designed for busy physician leaders who want a comprehensive process accompanied by worksheets, tools and reflection questions along with samples completed by a physician testing as a “Level 5″ leader using the term pioneered by Jim Collins in his best selling book Good to Great. This book was written by Maureen Metcalf, MBA; James Stoller, M.D., M.S., Chairman, Education Institute Jean Wall Bennett Professor of Medicine, Sampson Global Leadership Endowed Chair, Cleveland Clinic; Sheryl Pfeil, M.D.; Mike Morrow-Fox, MBA

  • Interview with Dr. Wiley “Chip” Souba MD, ScD, MBA, Physician Leadership – Flipping the Leadership Paradigm

    This show provides recommendations about what can physicians can do to prepare for the changes in the medical ecosystem and become a more effective leaders? Topics include the following discussions: 1. You’ve served as Chief of Surgical Oncology at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Chair of Surgery at Penn State, and then VP for Health Affairs and Dean of Medicine first at OSU and then most recently at Dartmouth. Now you spend most of your time studying, writing about and teaching leadership. You’re especially interested in the idea of leading yourself.  2. You’ve been saying for several years that we need to change the way we think about leadership in health care and you give a talk titled “Flipping the leadership paradigm.”

  • Interview with Dr. William Smoyer – Learn From Every Patient

    In an era where we are facing major changes to our medical system, with medical costs as high at 20% of GDP, Bill is a leader who is working to address this challenge. On this show, we talked about the need for physician leadership because of the dramatic changes required in the health field. Bill will talk about some of those changes and a program he created that moves us toward that solution. The conversation includes: 1. Why do you think leadership matters for physicians at this point in history? 2. Tell us about the Learning from every patient program? 3. Why is this program so important? 4. How will it change the practice of medicine? 5. How will it impact the average consumer – what will it do to my experience when I go to the Dr.? Bill offers compelling solutions to current challenges and also talks about the difficulty in implementing major changes in organizations.

  • Interview with Robert Falcone, MD, CEO of the Columbus Medical Association and Affiliates including the Central Ohio Trauma System CEO and Master of Reinvention – a Physician Story

    Bob takes on large roles to solve complex problems mainly in the space of health care. His ability to evolve as a leader is at the core of what will be required for leaders going forward – especially in the health care field. During this conversation Bob and Maureen talk about Bob’s path from artist to trauma surgeon to CEO to the Veteran’s administration to running a medical association. Since this show is about helping leaders create their own personal innovation strategy, Bob’s journey is a particularly interesting one because it highlights multiple successful reinventions. For physicians and physician leaders it may be even more interesting because of the volume of change facing the medical industry overall. Bob talks about his overall journey including knowing when to leave and his own internal thought process and motivations.

  • Interview with Bill Wulf, MD, CEO Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians, Health Care Changes – A Primary Care Physician’s View

    Dr. Wulf and Jim Svagerko (Metcalf & Associates Healthcare Coaching Practice Lead) talk about the leading work Central Ohio Primary Care (300 physicians) is doing and preparing for in the next five years with health care reform accompanied by new innovations in medical care. We discuss how COPC became a leader in their field and what they are doing to shape how the field of medicine and how it is practiced (and led) into 2020.

  • Interview with Dr. Deborah Zucker. She is a naturopathic physician, transformational health coach, and author of The Vitality Map: A Guide to Deep Health, Joyful Self-Care, and Resilient Well Being talking about The Vitality Map: Foundation for Effective Leadership

    Deborah talks about the importance of vitality to leadership effectiveness. Physical health and vitality provide leaders a strong foundation to meet the challenge of stressful jobs and full lives. She discusses how vitality connects to leadership then walk through the 9 keys to deep vitality with concrete examples. The discussion moves beyond a sole focus on physical health as the only key to vitality and explores topics such as living a life that is aligned with purpose. She explores concepts like curiosity and experimentation that enable leaders to craft programs that support their personal vitality and commitments. Her approach makes vitality practical for busy leaders who know they need to do more but can’t find an approach that works with their busy lives. Deborah recently published The Vitality Map that shares her concepts in more detail. She also conducts training sessions.

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