Build Culture of Innovation

Building a culture of innovation and vibrancy accelerates efficiency, results and innovation!

Organizations need to continually accelerate their ability to meet current needs while building their next products and services. Building a culture of innovation and vibrancy can give you a competitive advantage and drive your success.

According to J. Richard Hackman, the Edgar Pierce Professor of Social & Organizational psychology at Harvard University, “Team members don’t even agree on what the team is supposed to be doing. Getting agreement is the leader’s job and he/she must be willing to take great personal and professional risks to set the team’s direction. If the leader isn’t disciplined about managing who is on the team and how it is set up, the odds are slim that a team will do a good job.”

Additionally, “Research consistently shows that teams under-perform, despite all the extra resources they have, that‘s because problems with coordination and motivation typically chip away at the benefits of collaboration. To learn more about the impact of agreements on organizational success, check out the thought leadership page Culture of Innovation and Vibrancy.

We approach creating a culture of innovation and vibrancy through the following approach. See thought leadership page for more information about the assessment and process:

  • Assess team culture and effectiveness and map team agreements. An individual vibrancy assessment is available for you to explore.
  • Adopt agreements and behaviors to create a vibrant and innovative culture
  • Coach individuals and teams to implement changes and align culture with human behavior and reinforcement systems

Facilitated sessions enable teams to clarify and align the generally unspoken agreements that underlie how they accomplish their work. Benefits include:

  • Clear and aligned agreements
  • Creating a culture that promotes innovation and creativity
  • Increasing employee engagement and productivity

Contact us to schedule a plan your culture of innovation assessment and facilitated session.