Workshops provide the skills your team needs to drive change along with providing an opportunity to align your culture.

Effective organizational transformation requires the leadership team and transformation teams are skilled in the foundation skills of organizational transformation. To meet your learning needs, we offer an integrated combination of in person and online learning options.

Leading Innovation Framework

Leading Organizational Transformation

In Person Workshops

In order to accelerate your organizational transformation, we recommend monthly leadership workshops with the key leadership team.  Workshops are tailored to your specific needs and environment based on your organization and leadership assessment results.

Following is a list of key workshop topics that we’ve found to drive business results.

  1. Building Innovative Leadership – Foundation and certification
  2. Transforming your organization Certification – in-person intensive augmented with 14 online sessions
  3. Defining Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles
  4. Assessing Your Leaders and Organization
  5. Situational Analysis to identify and plan change
  6. Enhancing Governance using Strategic Thinking, Decision Making, and Problem Solving
  7. Confirming Organizational Structure and Aligning Roles and Responsibilities
  8. Succession Planning
  9. Managing, Measuring, and Improving Processes
  10. Building A Scorecard to Manage Accountabilities and Drive Results

Online Leading Transformation Program

According to Carla Paonessa, Accenture Managing Partner, Retired, “This program is designed to organize the chaos that accompanies transformative and systemic change. Metcalf delineates the process into seven categories that are straightforward and easy to follow. She gives templates to help group the work. She offers examples and tells stories of how this method has worked. And, more importantly, she illustrates and integrates the personal “inside” work of the leader with the “outside” work of the organization.

This program is often used in conjunction with in-person workshops to change leadership mindset and behaviors. It was designed to guide you through the process of leading significant organizational change. It is unique in that it focuses on both leader transformation and organization transformation. It provides a comprehensive 7 step process accompanied by field-tested worksheets and reflection questions. It has been tested and revised over twelve years to create a process that makes a high impact on leader’s capacity to transform organizations. This online program includes discussions with successful executives who have made changes similar to the ones you are facing as part of our thought leaders series.


  • Addresses adaptive problems by analyzing them and developing comprehensive solutions beyond those found in traditional problem-solving approaches;
  • Addresses the four key transformation dimensions: your intention and behavior along with the organization’s culture and systems in a systematic manner that creates alignment between them;
  • Guides you to Innovate your own leadership to keep pace with the challenges you are solving.

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