An organizational health check helps you identify misalignments and performance risks.

The most effective organizations going forward are those that not only innovate to meet current needs but also create the perpetual ability to innovate. Assessment is the foundation to data based organization transformation toward the perpetually innovating organization. We collect data using validates assessment tools, proprietary assessments, and individual and group interviews.

We analyze assessment findings and provide a detailed evaluation of your current business model that determines how well aligned it is with your business strategy and culture. This assessment and evaluation process helps you identify areas of misalignment that will interfere with your ability to efficiently accomplish your goals.

The duration and depth of analysis will depend on your business size, the level of analysis you are seeking, and your data availability.



To determine your readiness to transform your organization, we created a free online organization transformation assessment. This assessment looks at both innovative leadership and your ability to transform your organization. We look primarily at how you as a leader can make changes in yourself, your organization’s culture and your organization’s systems concurrently to ensure sustainable change.


When you are ready to assess your organizational health, take our free online organization transformation assessment.