Transform Organizations

Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming OrganizationsWhen the change you are implementing differentiates your business from others in your industry, you need a systematic approach to ensure the change and more importantly the value is fully realized.

To learn more about how we help leaders innovate their organizations, Dan Mushalko talks about working with us and shares his results.

Global interconnection and Technology have changed the drivers for leader and organizational success. The pace of change is increasing at an exponential rate, and businesses need to build the ability to change to not only keep pace but lead. According to Harvard’s John Kotter, “The change process goes through a series of stages that, in total, usually require a considerable length of time. Skipping stages creates only the illusion of speed and never produces a satisfying result.”

Instead, senior leaders must:

  • set clear goals that can make a company face reality;
  • establish an unambiguous and inspirational VISION, with high targets and straightforward milestones; and
  • communicate, communicate, communicate with and engage the organization as a whole
  • use an integrated change process to ensure efficient and effective change process
  • align leader behaviors + culture + systems to reduce drag on the system and promote operational efficiency

No single tactic will lead to success; rather, each organization must find the right combination of tactics and then execute all of them well.  By doing so, it can markedly increase the chances that it will transform itself successfully, even in the worst of times. (McKinsey 2009)

Our role as Organizational Transformation Consultants is to help you identify the correct tactics and timing to implement these tactics.  We can help you lead the change or take a supporting role, depending on your needs and resources as you proceed through the change process.

As you continue to explore our services, look at how you can assess your organization, learn to transform your organization, and work with our consultants to innovate. For additional information or to get started, contact us.