On-Line Leadership Development Programs

Based on 2012 International Book Award Winner: Innovative Leadership Fieldbook and
2013 Innovative Book Award Finalist: Innovative Leadership Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers

The stakes are high; the time is now; this is a yes/no question, and you will leave a legacy one way or another!

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The following video describes the on-line program and discussion of coaching support.

This program provides a practical approach to develop innovative leadership skills to keep pace with the dynamic environment. It is tailored to the needs of people wanting to build innovative leadership skills, whether you are a new leader, a manager wishing to build leadership skills, or a leader who choses to refresh skills, this development approach will provide valuable results. It includes important information tailored to meet leader’s growth needs providing a comprehensive development process accompanied by field-tested worksheets and reflection questions. You will receive weekly e-mails that take 15 to 45 minutes to complete. The first three will walk you through the program and the foundation of innovative leadership. The remaining messages will contain exercises and reflection questions designed to help you build innovative leadership skills. REGISTER NOW!

We offer a range of programs to meet your development goals:

  • Emerging Leaders and Managers
  • Leaders
  • Global Leaders – coming soon
  • Public Service Leaders – coming soon

The programs are organized into eight sections. The first two sections talk about innovative leadership and leadership development. The next six sections explain the development process and provide worksheets, reflection questions, and case studies. To help you through the process, we provided a case study of a leader who goes through the development process for each of the programs and shares answers on the worksheets and to the reflection questions. The development process is reflected in the following image.

Innovative Leadership Development Process

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In addition to weekly emails, you also have the option to add individual coaching and group webinars as part of the registration process. These additional services will accelerate your developmental progress. You can buy the whole package up-front.

Should you have questions about which program best fits your needs, the following table provides additional information.

Innovative Leadership Development Program Selection Guide