Building Innovative Leadership

In these turbulent times, nearly every organization is facing the need to transform to survive or to thrive. Innovative Leadership is leadership that can consistently transform organizations in the face of ongoing change or adversity. Give your leaders the tools to transform themselves and your organization!

In this one day workshop participants will:

  • understand the five key elements of Innovative Leadership
  • take an assessment to determine your Innovative Leadership score
  • define your preliminary leadership vision
  • evaluate your leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • create a high-level leadership development plan
  • learn techniques you can leverage with staff and teams
  • discuss using innovative leadership tools to address organizational challenges

At the end of the day leaders will leave with a workable plan to incorporate innovative leadership to achieve organizational goals!

What others are saying about this program:

  • “Now I have a framework going forward. What an  exciting future!”
  • “Topic and presentation was extremely interesting and relevant to my current situation.”
  • “Leaving here today, I have a clearer understanding of myself and my future journey of growth.”
  • “I enjoyed the class with you and the group. The material was excellent and very thought provoking. I was able to immediately apply the learning around the Expert in particular to some challenges within my team. Using the insights from the day, and adjusting my coaching methods slightly, two of my directors have dealt with long-term challenges in their teams effectively. So it was well worth the day spent.

Please contact us directly to arrange this workshop for your organization.

Maureen MetcalfPrimary Instructor – Maureen Metcalf

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