Based on initial leadership assessment(s), Metcalf + Associates blends unique workshops (in person or online) and integrated independent study programs that will help you innovate and improve how you lead!

We believe the value we provide is not simply teaching leaders about innovative leadership, but teaching leaders to become innovative leaders! We deliver this training through a combination of highly interactive in person workshops or flexible online programs. The following video talks about the IT Leaders year long program and shares their testimonials.

The Metcalf & Associates leadership development program was a key element of the Jobs and Family Services leadership development program that won #3 in 2014 Leadership 500 Excellence Awards for leadership program excellence in the government and military category.

Our integrated development series provide practical hands-on exercises that offer an immediate return and long term sustained results because many people within your organization receive the same training that is designed to “stick” and transform your leaders and culture. The development series serves as the foundation for organizational transformation.

In Person Workshops

Many organizations select individual workshops to incorporate as part of their comprehensive leadership development and mentoring programs. We’ll tailor classes to meet your organizational needs. Workshops teach leaders about Innovative Leadership and walk them through a process that helps them become Innovative Leadership.

As part of the integrated leadership development program, we offer a number of standard leadership development workshops (leadership retreats, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month tailored to your organization). These workshops are offered directly to companies, or through the John Glenn School of Public Affairs MAPs Program at The Ohio State University for individuals who are interested in attending a class. Workshop dates and offerings vary, so contact us directly to find the integrated program that fits meets your organizations goals for success. The programs are a combination of in person sessions reinforced by online training program.

These programs are built using the award winning Innovative Leadership workbook framework and activities featuring videos and audio interviews audio interviews curated specifically to meet your learning goals.

See how the core offerings for our Leadership Development Program can benefit you or your organization:

  • Innovative Leadership Series – Building Innovative Leadership – Overview
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Using Leader Type to improve personal and team effectiveness
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Using Developmental Perspective to improve communication and leadership
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Building Individual Resilience – staying flexible and focused to deliver results
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Building Individual and Organizational Resilience – helping the organization focus and deliver results
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Using Situational Analysis to align individuals, culture and systems for efficient results
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Shifting Leadership Behaviors – Building Leadership 2050 Competencies
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Interactive Leadership Development Tools and Exercises
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Transforming Your Organization – A structured process and tools
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Succession Planning – who is next and how do you prepare them?
  • Innovative Leadership Series – From Manager to Coach – How to Positively Influence Performance
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Building Trust using leadership type
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Building Communication Skills
  • Innovative Leadership Series – Managing Conflict and Challenging Conversations

Online Innovative Leadership Development Programs

The stakes are high; the time is now; this is a yes/no question, are you evolving at the rate your organization requires?

These programs are often used in conjunction with in-person workshops to change leadership mindset and behaviors. They provides a comprehensive development process accompanied by field-tested worksheets and reflection questions. You will online modules that contain worksheets, reflection questions, case studies, videos and audio interviews and allow you to work at your own pace. Click here for free downloads from the online program.

We offer four programs to meet your development goals:

  • Building Emerging Leaders and Managers
  • Building Innovative Leaders
  • Building Global Leaders
  • Transforming Organizations

If you are interested in exploring this program – REGISTER NOW!

To learn more about leadership, check out our tailored thought leadership pages starting with executive insights and tools and sign up for a free chapters from Innovative Leaders Workbook for Emerging Leaders and Managers that serves as the foundation for the online leadership program. When you are ready to move forward with a customized program, contact us.