Metcalf + Associates uses a series of assessment tools aligned with the innovative Leadership framework to build self-awareness, guide your investment in leadership development and measure results!

The Innovative Leadership self-assessment evaluates your competence against each of the five innovative domains.  You can then use the assessment results to determine where to focus your developmental efforts and also understand your strengths. Click to take the free innovative leadership assessment.

Assess Leadership For Leader Type we’ve found the enneagram to be most effective assessment to measure leader type in an organizational setting. The Enneagram system of personality assessment is unique in its ability to identify specific strategies that will work best for specific individuals, allowing you to tailor personal and professional work to achieve optimal results. It is an invaluable tool for understanding the core issues related to type.

For team development, the Enneagram assessment is used to profile the individual team members and create a composite team score. Individual team members understand how they fit within the team and what role they play with regard to team and project success. This can be very valuable for individual development as well as team alignment.

We are also certified in other tools such as Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Leadership Maturity AssessmentFor Developmental Maturity we use the SCTi-MAP. This Harvard-tested instrument is the most rigorously developed, unbiased and reliable stage measure to assess adult leadership developmental. The MAP brings you practical information that can be translated into an actionable development plan.  The MAP provides unique and personal feedback and is the most sophisticated instrument for measuring highly complex meaning making. It is ideal for identifying mature self-actualizers. These are the people most likely capable of integrally-oriented, transformative leadership. We use this assessment to help leaders identify their current level of maturity and build growth plans to match their level of maturity compared to their current and desired roles.

We developed a short Resilience self-assessment to help you identify your scores against the four resilience domains. We encourage you to take this survey as a way to get a snapshot of where you excel and where you may want to focus your resilience development effort. Click to take the free resilience assessment.

Leader Behaviors AssessmentFor Leadership Behavioral Competencies, we use The Leadership Circle. The Leadership Circle Profile (TLCP) is a true breakthrough among 360 degree profiles. It is the first to connect a well-researched battery of competencies with the deep motivations and underlying habits of thought. It reveals the relationship between patterns of action and the internal assumptions that drive behavior. Ultimately, TLCP goes to the source of behavior to get greater leverage on change. Furthermore, unlike most profiles which take hours to interpret, TLCP integrates all this information in a way that brings the key issues to the surface instantly. The data in TLCP reveals itself in seconds. At a glance, the whole gestalt is accessible. It immediately gets you in touch with what is working, what is not, and why.

Take free Innovative Leadership assessment or Resilience assessment. Contact us to tailor an assessment program to guide your development including assessments and debriefs resulting in SWOT analysis and development planning.