Coaching & Development

Coaching is now viewed as an important component of highly effective leadership development programs.  Many of the world’s largest and most successful companies provide coaching support for their senior leaders.  Many other leaders work independently with coaches to gain support to accomplish their goals.   We would like to give you some information about our coaching process and also some of the results our clients report.

The following image reflects the basic coaching process. While the process appears linear, there are several areas that circle back; as the leader and coach learn, they refine their earlier thinking.

All of our coaches are highly experienced coaches and also have other areas of expertise that they use to support your success. We use leading edge coaching tools and methods, continually upgrading our skills.  We have a foundational process we use and refine to meet your needs and goals. Each individual coach has an extensive set of tools to help you accomplish your goals.  One differentiator between our coaching process and that of some other coaches is we work with you in the context of your organization (and family) to get to the deep issues that impact your success and personal fulfillment.

In addition to certified coaches, we also have content coaches available to help you work on specific topics that may require deep expertise.

Beyond coaching, we are involved in expanding the field of knowledge in the area of research into the tools and processes that enable people to expand their capacity.  This allows us to provide you with the best possible support in an ever changing world.

To learn more about our assessment tools, please reference our assessments.

While your results will vary depending on your goals and area of focus, following is a list of benefits our clients report as a result of coaching:

  • Stronger interpersonal relationships
  • Increased impact on the organizational results
  • Improved productivity of yourself and your team
  • More ease in your daily activities
  • Improved ability to let go of limiting beliefs
  • Increased capacity to experience and express yourself authentically
  • Position of choice through greater self-awareness
  • Closed the gap between who they think they are, how other people experience them, and how they really are
  • Achieve self-mastery
  • Have structure for the accomplishment their goals
  • Have personal accountability towards reaching their desired goals
  • Have access to self-awareness tools, problem solving tools and models that support development
  • Enhanced self confidence
  • More connected to authentic self