Inspiring Innovative Leadership

Leaders must update their mindset and behaviors to meet the increasing complexity in today’s environment!

We offer a comprehensive programs that enable executives and their teams to evolve their mindset and behavior to lead ongoing change and increasing complexity. The programs consists of executive advisory services, assessments, training through an integrated combination of in person workshops, executive insight interviews, online exercises, and coaching. We also provide part-time executive support to work along side your leadership team to accomplish specific goals or provide long term support

Great leadership today looks different than it did even a few years ago. We use the five elements shown in the figure below to frame the levers for becoming a more Innovative Leader.

Innovative Leadership Model

Innovative Leadership Model

Using all five elements in our model in unique combinations, innovative leaders demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Strategic leadership – inspiring individual goals and organizational vision and culture;
  • Tactical leadership – influencing individual actions and the organizational systems;
  • Integrated Leadership – aligning all key dimensions: goals, actions culture, and systems.

We take proven research and strategies, and suggest the best combination of customized actions for the leader. The result? Case after case of successful, sustainable change in evolving Leadership capacity and creating leadership legacy through sustainable results. To read more about the evolving versus depreciating as a leader, read Maureen’s article in Are You Depreciating As a Leader? To learn more about our online leadership program that supports professional development requirements across a broad range of fields. To learn more about the benefits our clients experience, check out the testimonials, case studies .

If you are interested in learning more about how you stack up as an innovative leader, take the free Innovative Leadership assessment or explore our online leadership development program. Contact us to help you tailor a development program for you and your team.