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As you tackle challenges in today’s rapidly changing environment, whether from internal or external forces, sometimes what made you successful in the past will not be what you need now to drive sustainable change. You may need to modify what you do or how you do it. We work with successful leaders to do just that – we take proven research and strategies, and suggest the best combination of customized actions for the leader. The result? Case after case of successful, sustainable change in building Innovative Leaders and their legacies.

We offer a comprehensive programs that enables leaders to advance their leadership capability over time as they progress from emerging leader to leader to executive leader ranks. The programs consists of assessments, workshops, online exercises, and coaching. Our approach is based on leading research, made practical for busy leaders.

Great leadership today looks different than it did even a few years ago. We use the five elements shown in the figure below to frame the levers for becoming a more Innovative Leader.

Innovative Leadership Model

Innovative Leadership Model

One of the elements, Developmental Perspective, is aligned with the idea of leadership maturity captured in the concept of “Level 5 Leadership” in Jim Collins’s best-selling business book “Good to Great.” His work, along with the research of Bill Torbert, Professor Emeritus of Leadership at the Carroll School of Management at Boston College, suggests that leadership development and specifically moving to the later developmental perspectives is imperative when transforming large complex organizations.

Using all five elements in our model in unique combinations, innovative leaders demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Strategic leadership – inspiring individual goalsand organizational visionand culture;
  • Tactical leadership – influencing individual actions and the organizational systems;
  • Integrated Leadership – aligning all key dimensions: goals, actions culture, and systems.

Benefits of leadership development and coaching include:

Benefits of Leader Development

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