About Us

Metcalf + Associates is governed by deep principles that allow us to earn your trust as a strategic business partner!

Guiding Principles:

  • We align key elements of systems to create sustainable change. We focus on individuals, cultures and systems to ensure they are aligned to deliver results.
  • We model what we are helping you develop. Our leadership team tests at “Strategist Leaders” (Level 5 Leadership as referenced in the best selling leadership book Good to Great). 4% of leaders currently test at this level. One of the keys to developing to Strategist mindset and behaviors is working with coaches and consultants who model this way of leading. We bring them to you to support your development.
  • We focus on the whole person. As we work you and your team to help you develop in a holistic way. When you develop, you will be more effective as a person, a leader, a family  and community member. Our approach asks you to reflect on how you fit, what is reinforced and what is discouraged. This reflection encourages you to make highly conscious choices that keep you aligned and health.

To learn more about us, we encourage you to explore the site and check out our services, take a free organization transformation assessment and explore the thought leadership associated with growing and changing your organization. When you are ready to move forward, contact Metcalf & Associates