Since its inception, Metcalf & Associates has been dedicated to helping leaders evolve in their capacity to innovate, inspire, and achieve results in a highly-competitive and rapidly-changing environment. As a firm that specializes in management consulting, executive advisory, and development, we help leaders, management teams, and organizations cultivate and implement transformative solutions necessary to meet their mission and create strategic advantage. Metcalf & Associates offers proven results, backed by the leading edge research, and a global network of accomplished consultants and thought leaders.

Included in these offerings are executive advisory services, leadership and management coaching, workshops, on-line leadership development programs , team effectiveness, organizational transformation consulting, and speaking. We help successful leaders when they meet challenges, either because they are increasing their responsibility or facing new opportunities. We do this by helping them shift perspectives, strengthen organizational awareness, and increase executive and organizational capacity to meet strategic goals. We help leaders change themselves and their organizations at the same pace by offering organizational consulting in conjunction with leadership development.

Today’s successful executives need to optimize their performances at individual, organizational, and global scales, and we are dedicated to inspiring leadership innovation within complex business environments.

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We have found that past successful decision-making skills and leadership strategies are insufficient to master the obstacles businesses currently face. Key executives must continually innovate to be able to manage in increasingly complex and volatile conditions—yet they rarely do. It is probable that your key executives are facing increasingly complex issues that they are ill-equipped to manage.

We differentiate ourselves by working with the pioneering theoretical work of Senge, Wilber, Drucker, Collins, O’Fallon, Cook-Greuter, Ritchie-Dunham, and Kotter in the field of leadership development, integral theory, and organizational transformation. Our role is to translate this amazing research into tools and processes that are practical to implement in mainstream organizations. We test them, often in our own organization, before offering them to you.

Through a unique and integrated process, we train and coach your current and future leaders to cultivate higher strategic vision and purpose while expanding their capacity to meet greater organizational challenges. Our practical tools develop an executive’s aptitude for rigorous examination and tactical transformation. We work with your leaders using proven innovative models to help them understand the issues and manage the risks of organizational transformation. Our models and tools address changing leadership thinking, leadership behavior, culture, process, and technology. For change to be successfully implemented and sustained, all of these elements must be considered as a whole.

Our clients find our approach provides understandable assessments and measurable results influencing not only the well-being of their organization, but also the well-being of the network and broader partnerships which are required by global systems. We are committed to the advancement of leaders who aspire to the collective success required in tomorrow’s world.

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Maureen Metcalf talks with thought leaders about organizations of the future and the leaders  creating them.